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Morning In Zucotti Park

by Sebastian Briglia I believe in a peaceful revolution,” said Michael Angelo Bosch, a muscle-bound middle-aged man with sunglasses on and a beret covered with badges. The badges are tiny, and before I get to their message I resolve to read the sign he is holding, which is a full manifesto on a four by […]

ESPN Marion Jones Documentary Falls Short on Sincerity

Marion Jones is my favorite female athlete of the early century. She was an extremely hard worker and always a professional. When she finally admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, I had many questions about what led her to her decisions and how she beat the very accurate Olympic testing.

Needless to say when I found out ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series was doing a piece on Jones, directed by John Singleton no less, I was extremely excited. I even got my girlfriend to watch it with me. After an hour full of dramatic speeches in front of high school students and a story about how she landed herself in solitary confinement during her stint in prison, Cathy and I looked at each other with confusion. “Is it over? What about…”

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