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Kettlebell 101: Is it Right for You?

by Edward Gemdjian We’ve all seen them at our gym, some of us may even know that they come from Russia. But the truth is, even though they have been in the main stream, kettlebells remain a relative mystery to most. Kettlebells are actually the predecessor to dumbbells, the first one was literally  a cannonball […]

The World is Ready for the Best Mark Correa to Ever Walk on Stage

Melissa Tarrab

“We had to win, each and every day leading up to this show to come in at top condition. I think we’ve accomplished that and more.”

Brunch to Write Home About

Friedman's Lunch

I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with my parents, in from Cleveland Ohio, this weekend. We spent the weekend walking all around New York, eating, a little shopping, but mostly we ate.

So of course we had to go to Friedman’s Lunch in Chelsea Market.

ESPN Marion Jones Documentary Falls Short on Sincerity

Marion Jones is my favorite female athlete of the early century. She was an extremely hard worker and always a professional. When she finally admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, I had many questions about what led her to her decisions and how she beat the very accurate Olympic testing.

Needless to say when I found out ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series was doing a piece on Jones, directed by John Singleton no less, I was extremely excited. I even got my girlfriend to watch it with me. After an hour full of dramatic speeches in front of high school students and a story about how she landed herself in solitary confinement during her stint in prison, Cathy and I looked at each other with confusion. “Is it over? What about…”

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