Gymnast Turned Gym Rat

by Jade Shloyda, East Brunswick, NJ

I started working out at East Brunswick’s Workout World in ’07-’08 and when I met Ed he was the Manager/ Personal Trainer there.  Throughout my life I was always very active.  I was a level 10 training elite level gymnast.  After I retired I wasn’t training my body as much and I got out of shape.  After I started working out with Ed, he put that spark back into my training.  He challenged me and pushed me all the while keeping our work outs fun and fresh.  I never once got bored.

Ed is very passionate about what he does.  He has the drive to make a healthy change in people’s lives.  Not only is he a great trainer, he listens.  I definitely miss our workouts.  He is an inspiring and motivational person.  And with his passion and drive, nothing but success follows.  Keep up the amazing workouts Ed! Thank you for everything.


Edward Gemdjian is a NASM certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Team Awesome is his response to the myriads of misinformation about health and fitness in the media. He currently sees clients exclusively at Equinox Fitness in Chelsea, New York.  For information on long distance training, please click on the link at the top of the page.

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