Cathy Prince

by Cathy Prince

Ladies, I know that life is hectic, and who doesn’t love their daily does of dessert?  (Fat Witch Bakery and I have become best friends)   It’s winter, we wear more clothing, which gives us an excuse to put on weight, right?


I have experienced this winter, the horrible realization of putting on what used to be a bulky sweater, and filling it out perfectly.  Ugh!

What steps have I taken to remedy this disaster you ask?

Number one, and most important for me, cutting down my desserts.  I can not go cold turkey on dessert, I have tried and failed many a time.  So instead, I am making changes.  After every meal that I crave a dessert I have a piece of 55% dark chocolate, let it melt slowly in my mouth and really enjoy every moment.  I have reserved 3 days a week to really truly have a dessert.  And for the past two weeks I have stuck to it!  (we have to start somewhere)  Already, I have noticed my waistline diminishing!

Number two, sticking to my workout schedule.  Everyone is different.  Personally I have to workout at least 5 days a week, or else I go nutso.  Depending on the day, however, the time will vary.  This is okay!  The important thing is, you get to the gym, even if you’re only there for a half hour vary it up!  Do 10 minutes on three different cardio machines-awesome workout!  Have more time?  I do 15 minutes on four different machines on my cardio days, and on lifting days I do 1/2 hour of my choice cardio.  What is a “lifting day” for me?  I primarily focus on push-ups and assisted pull-ups, but throw in an exhausting tricep workout once a week for good measure.  No flabby underarms here!

Number three, small meals.  I never go hungry.  I eat something small, well- balanced, every three and a half hours.  This keeps my metabolism going strong all day, and never leaves me famished and grabbing for whatever is around.  In our apartment it’s really only Luna bars!  The key is well-balanced though.  You have got to have a mix of protein, carb and veggie.  In New York that’s simple!  Seamlessweb anyone?  Energy Kitchen?  Shameless plug:  Ed, when clients are having trouble eating well, or in the proper portions, will “prescribe” the Energy Kitchen diet.  Everything is under 500 calories and it’s really easy to craft your own well-balanced meal, for example I really love getting the salmon entree, with sweet potatoes and asparagus salad.  I cajun-style my fish and it only adds about 40 calories but tons of flavor!

I do realize that I live with a personal trainer, so you’re thinking it’s super easy for me to stay in shape right?  Yes he’s a trainer, but he also needs twice as many calories a day as I do, and I very often fall into the trap of eating what and how much he eats.  Thus the snug “bulky” sweater.  But we can avoid it ladies!  Stick to your guns, buy some amazing dark chocolate (Whole Foods has a great selection), and you will avoid the winter bulk.  So while everyone is racing to lose weight before bikini season, you’ll just have to buy a new suit.

Cathy Prince is a classically trained Music Theater actress, hailing from Solon, Ohio with a severe love of fitness, fashion, food and entertainment.  All of these things congregate in New York City, the greatest place on earth, where she is so happy to be currently residing.

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One Response to “Side-tracked?”

  1. cohenry says:

    So… as I read this, I was stuffing my face with a mini Crunch bar, then noticing my yoga pants are a bit snug. Thanks Cath :-) Back to the gym tomorrow!

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