3 Exercises to Change Your Body Today

by Alberto Vasari

The new year brings about some strange things at the gym.  I’m not talking about the people, more so the exercises and strange equipment.  There is almost a desperation in the eyes of some, trying to find that quick cure all.  The magic pill you’re looking for does not exist, but there is hope, and it’s more simple than you think.

There are 3 simple exercises that will give you a full body work out.  None of them are easy, and you’ll have to perform them consistently, but I promise you will see results immediately.

You’ll start with pull ups, this the most difficult body weight exercise because you’ll be lifting your entire body with only the use of your back and arms.  The majority of your work will come from the lats and traps in your middle back.  Any extra help will come from your biceps and forearms.  You won’t be able to do many at first, maybe only one, don’t give up, you will get stronger.

Next come push ups.  I’m sure you’ve done this before, but you’ll need to make sure your chest hits the ground on every repetition.  Your Chest, shoulders and triceps are the primary movers in this exercise.  Focus on quality rather than quantity, the reps will come with practice.

by Alberto VasariSquats finish this lesson.  Start out with a bench or chair behind you to gauge your distance and make sure you keep your feet flat on the ground.  This one exercise works all of the major muscles in your lower body including the glutes, the largest muscle in your body.  Feel free to add weight to these with either dumbbells or kettle bells.

For beginners, just start with 3 sets of each exercise every time you come to the gym.  Intermediate exercisers should do a set of each exercise consecutively for 3-5 rounds.  For you advanced folks looking for the next great challenge: Do as many rounds of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 squats in 10 minutes.  Challenge your self to do more rounds each week, and you will see strength and toning gains within a couple of weeks.

The lesson here is “Fitness is SIMPLE, it is not EASY!”

Edward Gemdjian is a NASM certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Team Awesome is his response to the myriads of misinformation about health and fitness in the media. He currently sees clients exclusively at Equinox Fitness in Chelsea, New York.  For information on web based training, please Contact us or click on the link at the top of the page.

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