Meet Prince.Cathy

by Cathy Prince

Writing a column scares me to death.

I think to myself every time I sit down to write anything, what do I have to say?  And why would anyone care to read it?

There are lots of things I am passionate about from singing and acting, to working out and baking (the latter motivating the former).  But what about any of this would be decent material for a “Lifestyles” column?  I’m only 23, what do I know about life?

To my credit, I decided at a very young age that I was going to be a famous actress.  I used to tell everyone at church that they could all come visit me in “my mansion in Hollywood”.  I followed that dream.  I was in chorus from 3rd grade through all of my college education, I did my first play in 2nd grade (James and the Giant Peach, playing a brilliant Aunt Spiker), became vice-president of my Show Choir in high school and, of course, an active member of Drama Club.  I continued on my chosen path to the Conservatory of Music at Baldwin Wallace College right outside of Cleveland, Ohio.  I constantly strove to be better, I spent hours at the gym a week working on my “marketability”, hours practicing singing, dancing, all the while being cast in every show I could be.  I was thrilled to establish a professional career before even graduating college thanks to my director, and the wonderful people who run Playhouse Square in Cleveland.  I considered myself to be the best “me” I could be.

I then moved to New York City.  I moved to a tiny room for which I paid way too much money, with my twin bed and suitcases full of dreams and expectations.

Since I’m not writing this from my mansion in Hollywood, I feel like I’m falling short.

But how many of us “fall short” when on the course we thought was so right?  I spent years “perfecting” myself for this career path, but no one wants perfect, they want “you”.  I have set about trying to find out who “you” is for me.  I hope you’ll come along with me, maybe because there’s something in you that you lost touch with.  Or maybe my journey, that is no where near over, can somehow inspire you to continue your journey, whether it be a fitness journey, a self-discovery journey, or a change-in-career journey.  Mine may apply to all three!

This column is meant to be about anything I feel like writing, eek!  I hope you bear with me as I try to find out what that is.  Isn’t this what blogging is for? Experimentation?  Self-expression? Human connection? Motivation? If you let me, I’ll dabble in it all.

Cathy Prince is a classically trained Music Theater actress, hailing from Solon, Ohio with a severe love of fitness, fashion, food and entertainment.  All of these things congregate in New York City, the greatest place on earth, where she is so happy to be currently residing.

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