A “Model” Client

by Julia Evgenova
I work as a fashion model around the globe, so looking good is part of my job description. I’ve always considered myself lucky because I have crazy metabolism, which allows me to remain thin no matter how lazy I am and how horrible my diet is. However, looking good and feeling good is not always the same thing.
So, after years of avoiding gyms I decided to sign up at Equinox. I had low energy and was stressed with the fast paced life in New York City. Joining the gym seemed like a typical New Yorker thing to do to get rid of those two problems. First session I took with Ed was purely to learn how to get around the gym, as the whole concept was foreign to me. However, when I realized how completely out of shape I was after the trial session, I decided that I would be able to do very little on my own and that I require some help.
I must say I was quite pessimistic in the beginning – I couldn’t do a push up and my knees shook when I did squats. I remember Ed saying that I had a flexibility of a 40 year old man, not exactly a complement. I thought that it was hopeless, and my body was simply not made for lifting weights and doing jumping jacks.
Little did I know I was perfectly capable of all of those things; all it took is a bit of perseverance and the right person to show me the way. Sessions with Ed challenged me without making me feel like I couldn’t handle them. His weekly advises on my diet slowly but surely eliminated most unhealthy foods from my diet. And the best part is that I do not miss those deep fried sugary things today.
The increase in difficulty of his workouts was so gradual, that I barely took notice of it. I don’t remember when it happened exactly, but one day I realized that I can do 15 push-ups in a row, and not the girly kind with my knees on the ground, the real ones! Same goes for everything else.
Now, it’s been a year since I had a chance to actually work out with Ed, as I have moved from New York. Although he cannot supervise my work outs, he continues to create them, so I can continue to train on my own. It gives me great satisfaction when the buff guys at my current gym drop their jaws seeing a skinny girl like me lifting weights and swinging kettle bells like a pro.
I’ll always be grateful to Ed not only for the awesome body that came out from all of our training sessions together, but for the entirely new healthy lifestyle to which he gradually converted me. Now not only do I look great, but I feel awesome.
Edward Gemdjian is a NASM certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Team Awesome is his response to the myriads of misinformation about health and fitness in the media. He currently sees clients exclusively at Equinox Fitness in Chelsea, New York.  For information on web based training, pleaseContact us or click on the link at the top of the page.
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