Brunch to Write Home About

Friedman's Lunch

by Cathy Prince

I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with my parents, in from Cleveland Ohio, this weekend. We spent the weekend walking all around New York, eating, a little shopping, but mostly we ate.
So of course we had to go to Friedman’s Lunch in Chelsea Market.
Friedman’s serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10am to 4:00pm, one look at the menu and there really is something for everyone. From the traditional “Eggs with Style” (two eggs prepared your way, choice of meat, and potato pancake) to the slightly more adventurous “Fried Chicken and Cheddar Waffle” (served with an amazing honey-tabasco sauce with just enough kick), everyone you bring will be pleased. I realize I am supposed to write about healthier eateries, so let me highlight some lighter fare:
Egg White Scramble- a bowl of egg whites mixed with a vegetable feast
Housemade Granola- low-fat yogurt served with honey, amazing granola, and fresh fruit
Balsamic Chicken Sandwich- grilled chicken, with vegetables served on crunchy ciabatta

And that’s not even close to all of the options…

My parents had an issue making a decision.
I had no problem, Sammy’s Pork Flautas are off the hook. Three lightly fried tortillas stuffed with shredded pork, served with fried eggs and avocado, and a tangy green tomatillo salsa.
My mother decided on the amazing Ricotta Cheese Stuffed French Toast, which came garnished with candied walnuts and tangerine slices. What appeared at the table was a glorious mountain of brunch carbohydrates. Very little syrup was needed, because the flavors were all there, citrus, the sweet cinnamon on the toast and of course the ricotta cheese.

My father went with the old stand-by: “Eggs with Style”.  Two eggs any style, served with potato pancake, toast, and choice of breakfast meat.  A classic choice for brunch fare I dare say!

We were all floored by the quality of the food, the robust flavors, and of course the home-like feel of the restaurant.

A definite neighborhood favorite in Chelsea, whose admirers come from all over New York City, but also all over the country.  Friedman’s is famous for it’s selections of gluten-free foods, that taste as good as the real stuff.  Whether you have dietary restrictions or not, it is a solid choice for delicious food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course brunch!

Cathy Prince is a classically trained Music Theater actress, hailing from Solon, Ohio with a severe love of fitness, fashion, food and entertainment.  All of these things congregate in New York City, the greatest place on earth, where she is so happy to be currently residing.

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