The World is Ready for the Best Mark Correa to Ever Walk on Stage

Melissa Tarrab

by Edward Gemdjian

On the eve of the WNBF World Championships, it would be perfectly human for rookie Mark Correa to be nervous.  After all, a full year of heavy lifting, dieting, cardio and numerous other sacrifices has all come down to this one moment in time.  But Correa is a different type of athlete, he knows his preparation was excellent.  At the official weigh ins, Mark came in at a whopping 176lb., 9lb. heavier than his june show and a whopping 19lb. heavier than last year’s World Amateur Championship physique.  “We had to win, each and every day leading up to this show to come in at top condition.  I think we’ve accomplished that and more.”

In hind sight, this was the easiest contest prep I’ve ever seen Mark through.  Because of the added muscle mass, Mark was able to take on more calories during his cutting phase.  As late as 4 weeks out Mark was setting new record lifts, never feeling depleted or low on energy.  This also allowed him to experiment with a wider array of foods, adding turkey, sirloin, and sweet potatoes to his weekly regimen of chicken breast and rice.  Weekly cheat meals remained a constant throughout, and Mark actually increased his carbohydrate intake 2 weeks out of competition when he had already reached his goal of 176lb. at 3% body fat. “I feel confident, like a champion. I win every time I bring something better to the stage, and this time I’ve even shocked myself.”

Fellow team mate and co-worker Melissa Tarrab, will be competing in her first Amateur Figure World Championship tomorrow.  Melissa took to figure competitions earlier this year, winning the novice class in her very first event.  She brings a lean and aesthetic look to the stage as she looks to turn pro in only her 3rd competition.  Regardless of placing Melissa is confident she will bring a much improved package each and every time she competes.

Come support Mark, and Melissa at the WNBF/INBF World Championships, tomorrow November 13th at 9am MLK High School, 65th and Amsterdam NYC.

Edward Gemdjian is a NASM certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Team Awesome is his response to the myriads of misinformation about health and fitness in the media. He currently sees clients exclusively at Equinox Fitness in Chelsea, New York.

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