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Help Get Mahmoud Said Back to the Olympics!

Mahmoud(Mou) Said is the most competitive person I know.  In a field like health and wellness that’s saying a lot!  There is an undying faith in him that brings the confidence and humility to succeed.  Mou has endured ACL tears, a fractured tibia and wrist and numerous sacrifices to finish his business in the upcoming […]

Coming in 2012!


5 Tips to Restore Your Fitness

by Ed Gemdjian The New year has been upon us for more than a month now, but I’m sure some of you are still not succeeding in your main resolution.  The truth is, getting fit again is not as easy as making a resolution, but it can be as simple as following some simple guidelines. […]

3 Exercises to Change Your Body Today

by Alberto Vasari

The new year brings about some strange things at the gym.  I’m not talking about the people, more so the exercises and strange equipment.  There is almost a desperation in the eyes of some, trying to find that quick cure all.  The magic pill you’re looking for does not exist, but there is hope, and […]

The Psychology of Dieting

Edward Gemdjian

January is the month for resolutions. Some of us are determined to save more money this year, while others aim to get engaged or go back to school. Overwhelmingly, New Yorkers are in a mad dash back to the gym, hoping to drop that 5 or 30 pounds the holidays helped pack on. For most of us this isn’t the first time we’ve tried to lose weight. It isn’t the first time the winter blues and decadence of the holidays have caused us to increase a jean size or two. So what then, will be different this year? We’ve done the exercise before, we even bought the Weight Watcher’s Points book last year, it didn’t work. Is there something wrong with us?


Cathy Prince

by Cathy Prince Ladies, I know that life is hectic, and who doesn’t love their daily does of dessert?  (Fat Witch Bakery and I have become best friends)   It’s winter, we wear more clothing, which gives us an excuse to put on weight, right? WRONG! I have experienced this winter, the horrible realization of […]

Drew Zimmerman: The Other 23 Hours

Drew Zimmerman

by Edward Gemdjian If you were to look at Drew Zimmerman exercising this morning, you may have thought “Did he play college baseball or football?” or “What is he training for?” At 6’4″ and a trim 210lb., the Drew of today bares no resemblance to the overweight 17 year old he was after a serious […]

ESPN Marion Jones Documentary Falls Short on Sincerity

Marion Jones is my favorite female athlete of the early century. She was an extremely hard worker and always a professional. When she finally admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, I had many questions about what led her to her decisions and how she beat the very accurate Olympic testing.

Needless to say when I found out ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series was doing a piece on Jones, directed by John Singleton no less, I was extremely excited. I even got my girlfriend to watch it with me. After an hour full of dramatic speeches in front of high school students and a story about how she landed herself in solitary confinement during her stint in prison, Cathy and I looked at each other with confusion. “Is it over? What about…”

Look out Worlds… Here Comes Rookie Mark Correa

by Edward Gemdjian Rookie WNBF Pro Bodybuilder and Team Awesome! contributor, Mark Correa, burst onto the scene by winning the Amateur World Lightweight championship last november. At 5’10” Mark knew his 157 lb. of muscle would not be enough to challenge the top natural pros, so the challenge brought to us this January was simple, […]

Meet Prince.Cathy

by Cathy Prince Writing a column scares me to death. I think to myself every time I sit down to write anything, what do I have to say?  And why would anyone care to read it? There are lots of things I am passionate about from singing and acting, to working out and baking (the […]

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