Setting Goals Today Ensures a Better Tomorrow

I have always said that fitness is a microcosm of life, that the same rules apply.  In order to find positive results we all must first set positive goals.  At my home base gym in Chelsea, I deal with many successful and often self made professionals.  They are deserving of the income they make and the perks it affords them(personal training being one of these).  Every last one of them has said that the key to their current success is largely due to a goal they set in the past, and a decision to pursue that goal fully.

Yet so often, I find myself reminding these same clients to set fitness goals, to plan with me their next course of action, to finally decide to make a change.

Think back to your college days.  The first decision a student has to make is to chose a major.  Every available major then has a specific formula of classes, internships and theses required to reach the end goal, your chosen major.  Working towards a goal at the gym is no different.  Just like in college, your trainer can not, or at least should not tell you what your goals are.  They are here to give you the information at hand, and help you make a decision.  You should never work for someone else’s vision for you, such action never ends in true happiness and satisfaction.

With this decision comes responsibility.  You now owe it to yourself to reach the healthy and happy destiny you have set.  Every day you wake up with a goal in mind and action to back it up is a success.  This day will not be wasted, you will take a step towards your future victory.

Edward Gemdjian is a NASM certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach.  Team Awesome is his response to the myriads of misinformation about health and fitness in the media.  He currently sees clients exclusively at Equinox Fitness in Chelsea, New York.

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